The Heat and the Cold War

A man is running in the middle of the night, among empty streets of a strange world. Mysterious masked men stand on his way. He will try to find the strength to escape what seems to be inevitable: be like them.
Abdication is not an option.
What he does not know is that he is not the only one resisting.

Format: Music Video (5 min 12 sec)
Producer, Director, Writer: Julie Périon
Director of Photography: Sanne van Rossum
Cast: Tony van der Veer, Émilie Gallier, Glossy Jesus
Release Date: 03 November 2013 (Leiden International Film Festival), 22 December 2013 (online)
Starting Development Date: October 2012
Funding: Gemeente Leiden, Cultuurfonds Leiden, Voordekunst
Filming Locations: Leiden (Netherlands)

This music video is the first project created and developed by P’tites Madeleines Productions for the Dutch Art Rock band Glossy Jesus and their single “The Heat and the Cold War” from their fifth album called “The Hunt”.
This clip is the result of one year of work gathering funding and the best crew possible to keep up with this challenging project including designing and sewing 60 costumes or shooting the chasing scenes by night with a quad (CamQuad) and a Drone (AirFilms).
P’tites Madeleines Productions asked Cinemaffia to follow the film shooting for 2 nights and 1 day: they produced a beautiful Making-Of of 14 minutes that shows the intense experience this production was for the whole cast and crew.




DOP – Sanne van Rossum
Photographer – Tess Janssen
Making-Of – Cinemaffia
Drone – AirFilms
Quad – CamQuad
Glossy Jesus website
Facebook Page


Sc21_THE MAN THATCW_Sc19_THE DMs_Colored


THE MAN (Tony van der Veer) THE LADY (Émilie Gallier)












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A film made by
P'tites Madeleines Productions

Scenarist / Director / Producer
Julie Périon

THE MAN - Tony van der Veer
THE LADY - Emilie Gallier
THE BAND - Glossy Jesus

Director of Photography
Sanne van Rossum

Production Designer
Jasper Fernhout

Costume Designers
Alexandra Victoria & Thamara Duijn

Ale Pieter Terpstra

Annelien Vanderhoeght

Production Assistant
Thiag Kumaraswamy

Merel Six

Assistant Director / Script
Lucas Camps

Camera Operator 2
Jorne Tielemans

Steadicam Operator
Kira Falticeanu

Focus Puller
Wesley Westerhuis

Camera Assistant / Data Handler
Jelle Helwig

Eric Wobma
Paulina Szafranska

Auke Verhoeff
Emiel van Geenen
Koen van Bergen
Eveline Haverlag
Ralph Lindsen
Harm Bredero

Quad Operator
Mick Durlacher

Art Department Assistant
Jesse Oudhof

Wardrobe Stylist
Julie Périon

Set Wardrobe Stylist
Maud Lourens

Capes - Seamstresses
Rosana Barreiro Prado
Alexandra Bulit
Tamara Pinos
Anita Michaluszko

Capes & Masks Assistants
Pierre-Elie Crouzet
Franck Ferreira
Thomas Voirin

Capes - Set Assistants
Esteli Puente Beccar
Andrea Magyar

Make-up & Hair
Tatiana Marconi

Location Manager
Pierre-Elie Crouzet

Production Assistants
Jaime Perez Luna
Sally Pasquare
Kasper Lourens

Kevin de Haas

Visual Effects
Ale Pieter Terpstra

Laurent Fluttert

Sound Designer
Leleane Lindenaar

DCP Master
Nico Bunnik

Martin Paauw

Set Photographer
Tess Janssen

Making-Of by Cinemaffia
Niels Busschots
Luc Busschots

The 52 crowdfunders,
Andrea Hakkart (Gemeente Leiden), Michael Roumen (Cultuurfonds leiden), Voordekunst,
Edwin Verstegen (HET RAAM),
Daaf van der Veen & Eric Wobma (HET LICHT),
Jacob Patist & Paulina Szafranska (LICHTWERK),
Jeroen Vreeken & Gaby van der Werf (Café Scheltema Leiden),
Mick Durlacher (Camquad), Bart Hargte (Airfilms), Roger Busschots (Infofilm),
Tijn Heerkens (Locatiewerk), Anton de Bruin (Hoekstra Portofoons),
Gunnar (Partyhouse Amsterdam), ESTEC Theatre & DIY clubs
Leiden Pancras-West & Pieterskerk Neighbourhoods,
Mardou Jacobs,
Leiden International Short Film Experience,
Ivo Wever (Leiden International Film Festival),
Joost Berk (j2tv),
and to the fantastic dedicated 90 extras.

Het Raam
Het Licht
Scheltema Leiden

© 2013 P'tites Madeleines Productions - Julie Périon

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