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Extremely proud and happy for this selection: WORLD PREMIERE of our dark romantic VR Comedy INCITEMENT – written and directed by Wiebe van den Ende at SXSW 2019 in March. Austin, Texas: here we cooooome!!! …



Tripper is a music-video that is based on the concept that taking drugs releases your inner child. At the start of his set GECK-O falls down his recordcase into a vast empty space where he …


Music Video Production for “Tripper” from Geck-o

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We are proud to announce a great project on which we have been working for a few weeks: the production of a Music Video for the soon-to-be-released track “Tripper” from the great Dutch DJ and …


Terminus, Anse Dupuy

ANNE, young woman working in the film restoration department of the CNC in Paris, has been invited by LUC, a projectionist and a film collector, to fly over to Guadeloupe. Luc has discovered a film …


A Lens for Every Mood

One mood. One lens.             Format: Commercial Production: Het Raam & P’tites Madeleines Productions Directors: Julie Périon & Sanne van Rossum Director of Photography: Sanne van Rossum Editor: Julie Périon …


Guadeloupe: here we go !

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Today is a big day: i’m on my way to Paris, and then Guadeloupe, to shoot “Terminus, Anse Dupuy”. It’s going to be a great experience, and will certainly lead to a great short film. …


The Heat and the Cold War

A man is running in the middle of the night, among empty streets of a strange world. Mysterious masked men stand on his way. He will try to find the strength to escape what seems …


Bienvenue !

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Welcome to the website of P’tites Madeleines Productions ! It’s been only a few months since P’tites Madeleines Productions exists, but the need to have a proper website became soon enough obvious. Even if until now …