Sara’s been abroad for work, and the welcome home dinner her boyfriend Luis just surprised her with has ended with some passionate dessert between the sheets. When she admits that she’s going to have to go back to Paris for more meetings, Luis sees a window of opportunity. He gets a big confession off his chest… with a very peculiar motive.


Format: cinematic VR – stereoscopic (10 min)
Genre: dark romantic comedy
Director, Writer, Editor: Wiebe van den Ende
Producer: Julie Périon
Director of Photography: Dajo Brinkman
Cast: Chiara Wilde, Durassie Kiangangu
Release Date: WORLD PREMIERE: SXSW 2019 (11-13th March 2019)

INCITEMENT is a mind game between a couple that cannot help but take their competitive practical jokes a bit too far to set the other off. Virtual Reality is the ultimate medium to allow the viewer to really experience the intimacy of this couple from a person’s perspective and get to hear his and her inner thoughts.


Director – Wiebe van den Ende
360 DOP – Dajo Brinkman
Production Designer – Rivka Koops
360 Sound
Bram Kloos – Set Photographer
SXSW 2019 “INCITEMENT” – Official Selection page

Written and Directed by
Wiebe van den Ende

Produced by
P'tites Madeleines Productions

Chiara Wilde
Durassie Kiangangu

Director / Editor
Wiebe van den Ende

Julie Périon

360 D.O.P.
Dajo Brinkman

Art Direction & Make-up
Rivka Koops

Art Direction assistant
Andreas Verlinden

Pieter Bruin

Jelle Muller

Production Assistant
Mita de Groot

Set Sound & Audio Mix
Raoul Popma
Ronald van der Spek

Mediamonks (Robert-Jan Blonk, Frank Fuhler,
IdaMarie Sjöberg , Emelie Nilsson, Oskar Lundmark)
Rooftop Immersive Studio (Daan Viegas Damas)

Title sequence
Lennard Klaaijsen
Daan Viegas Damas
Wiebe van den Ende

Jelle Hooimeijer
Guido van Gestel
Wiebe van den Ende

Bella Storia
Queen Of Sheba

Set photography
Bram Kloos

Photography poster
Riccardo Servini
Bram Kloos

Wiebe van den Ende

Originally shot on OZO & INSTA PRO

This film was supported by the Netherlands Film Fund

Anna Möller - Anne Liesker
Reinier Selen
Roen Kiewik - Sam Trieu
Laura Talsma - Jan Maarten Groen - Jordi van Even
Mirjam Bal - Jolijn van Rees
Chris Marmier

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