Hmmm des petites madeleines !


P’tites Madeleines Productions was created in March 2013 by Julie Périon.


2013-01_Julie Périon - small Julie grew up in Bretagne (Vannes, France), studying Aerospace Engineering in Toulouse (France) and Montréal (Canada), before moving to the Netherlands in 2006 to work at the European Space Agency in Noordwijk. Her passion for cinema and filmmaking pushed her to enroll on a Film Production course at the Film Academy of Amsterdam in 2010.


IMG_2418 After having worked on various film productions in Amsterdam, including the transmedia project “Steekspel” directed by Paul Verhoeven, Julie felt it was time to take the plunge and produce her own film projects. Armed with a burgeoning international contacts list, a Palm beer in one hand and a list of ideas in the other, P’tites Madeleines Productions was born in 2013.


To date, Julie continues both passions: aerospace engineering and filmmaking.
P’tites Madeleines Productions is a reflection of this combination: pragmatic, curious, creative and open-minded.





First steps in the film production

Julie Périon started working on short films in September 2010 as a Production Assistant, a Production Manager and a Location Manager. Her choices of films have always been directed by the originality of the scenario, or the filmmakers involved in the production.

Some of them are detailed below.

Queer Amsterdam – the pilot (2012)

Role: Location Manager Queer-Amsterdam-Poster

Fiction (40 min)
Director: Bart Peters
Producer: Marloes Meuzelaar & Dorien Rozing

Official Website

"Queer Amsterdam" is about a diverse circle of friends who all live and work in Amsterdam. 
Regardless of their difference in age and sexual preferences, they belong together.

“Queer Amsterdam – the pilot” is the first episode of the upcoming TV Dutch Drama series “Queer Amsterdam” currently under development.


Steekspel (2012)

Role: Production Assistant Steekspel - Poster

Fiction (55 min)
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Producers: René Mioch & Justus Verkerk
Line Producer: Mardou Jacobs

Official Website

During his 50th birthday party thrown by his wife, Remco's life takes a turn for the worse. 
His business partners are scheming behind his back to sell him and his former mistress shows up pregnant.

Entertainment Experience®: The first fully user generated movie conceived and created by the audience. Entertainment Experience® is a 39 week cross media / Multi platform format, combining a TV series, social media ending with two movies: one user generated and one user inspired remake by Director Paul Verhoeven.


Meester (2011)

Role: Location Manager Meester - Poster Roos_small

Fiction (24 min)
Directors: Anne Chlosta & Lucas Camps
Producer: Lucas Camps

Official Website

Hero is a decent architect whos got it all: A big house, a fancy car, the respect of his colleagues. 
He has never dared to share his intimate feelings of sadism and dominance with anyone. 
Utterly convinced that his desires are reprehensible, Hero keeps them tightly locked away. 
The façade that Hero has constructed so carefully around himself means everything to him.

When Hero meets cheerful, spontaneous Bram, he finds himself falling in love for the first time of his life. 
But Bram turns out to be a masochist. He adores the game of dominance and submission, and he would like Hero 
to become his master