A Lens for Every Mood

One mood. One lens.







Format: Commercial
Production: Het Raam & P’tites Madeleines Productions
Directors: Julie Périon & Sanne van Rossum
Director of Photography: Sanne van Rossum
Editor: Julie Périon
MōVI Camera Operators: Rob van Dam & Sanne van Rossum
Release Date: July 2014
Filming Location: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)


Commercial made for Het Raam, a Camera Equipment Rental and Postproduction Services company based in Amsterdam Noord.


Het Raam
DOP – Sanne van Rossum

A film made by
P'tites Madeleines Productions
Het Raam

Co-Director / Editor
Julie Périon

Co-Director / Director Of Photography
Sanne van Rossum

MōVI Camera Operators
Rob van Dam
Sanne van Rossum

© 2014 P'tites Madeleines Productions - Julie Périon

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