We love watching them
and we looove making them !

For each project, we team up with new talent and experimental filmmakers. Together, we put our hearts into these stories that WE SHARE WITH YOU.

Our international crews and cast reflect the films we love and the films we make: relevant, creative and provocative.

  • Incitement

    Sara’s been abroad for work, and the welcome home dinner her boyfriend Luis just surprised her with has ended with some passionate dessert between the sheets. When she admits that she’s going to have to …

  • Tripper

    Tripper is a music-video that is based on the concept that taking drugs releases your inner child. At the start of his set GECK-O falls down his recordcase into a vast empty space where he …

  • Terminus, Anse Dupuy

    ANNE, young woman working in the film restoration department of the CNC in Paris, has been invited by LUC, a projectionist and a film collector, to fly over to Guadeloupe. Luc has discovered a film …

  • A Lens for Every Mood

    One mood. One lens.             Format: Commercial Production: Het Raam & P’tites Madeleines Productions Directors: Julie Périon & Sanne van Rossum Director of Photography: Sanne van Rossum Editor: Julie Périon …

  • The Heat and the Cold War

    A man is running in the middle of the night, among empty streets of a strange world. Mysterious masked men stand on his way. He will try to find the strength to escape what seems …

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